Humans cultivated Mushrooms instead of grains and animals and built a world where Everything Is Mushrooms. They now battle for dominance.

To play this game, you'll need VRChat installed. Then you can join or create an instance of the world on Desktop or in VR!

To play, you choose a mushroom cap wait for the Owner to start the game. You can then choose one square each turn.

• Choosing an empty square grows a mushroom.
• Choosing one of your mushrooms will grow the mushroom.
• Choosing someone else's mushrooms will attack them.

Larger mushrooms may spread to nearby squares when you grow them.
Play for 20 rounds and see who gets the highest score!

The first user to enter the world becomes the Owner. They get special control buttons. Once everyone has selected a mushroom (up to 5 players), press the Play button to begin. You can end the game early by pressing the Stop button, and Reset all players and squares by pressing the Reset button.

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